About the Australian Anti-Corruption Institute

The Australian Anti-Corruption Institute is a national organisation that promotes ethical conduct in business, informs Government and other key decision makers regarding issues affecting business and maintains a membership base of people, businesses and organisations committed to the pursuit of honest and ethical business practices.

Members of the Australian Anti-Corruption Institute are committed to the pursuit of ethical business practices

The Australian Anti-Corruption Institute has a key goal to support and promote the advancement of ethical businesses and business practices across Australia. Governments, companies, not for profit organisations and businesses of all sizes are encouraged to only deal with businesses that carry AACI membership.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Anti-Corruption Institute is Darren Frearson.

Members of the Institute:

Receive a unique AACI membership number

Receive a Certificate of Membership

Carry the AACI logo on communications, branding and business collateral

Include the AACI in advertising

Provide the AACI membership number for verification of ACCI membership